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The downloaded template accompanies the following tools and technologies, more details can be found in Documentation.

  • Development: macOS (Apple)
  • Frontend: Choose between Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Backend: Django
  • Deployment: Heroku
  • Payment: Stripe
  • Email: Mailgun
  • Blog: TinyMCE
  • Python Version: 3.11
  • Static File Storage: AWS S3 for images and files, etc. for production

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Exactly what I needed for my client!

"I recently faced a unique challenge when a client requested a comprehensive 'turn key' AI solution. Typically, my focus is solely on developing the AI backend, leveraging tools like LangChain and FastAPI.

However, this project demanded a more extensive scope, prompting me to search for a solution that could integrate Django, Tailwind, and AI into a seamless SaaS package. That's when I discovered It was exactly what I needed— a perfect fit for the project requirements.

Moving forward, I'm considering customizing the solution even further by transitioning from OpenAI calls to utilizing the FastAPI (LangServe) API. This flexibility and capability to adapt make an invaluable resource for my projects."

Ivan Zidov, ai saas template customer, founder of

5 out of 5 stars

From Dream to Reality in Less Than a Day - A New Record!

"I never imagined that transitioning from concept to cash flow could happen overnight. With the Django SaaS & AI Boilerplate, I witnessed my project not only take off but also achieve its first sale within 24 hours of launching. The seamless integration of essential features like Stripe for payments and the user-friendly design powered by TailwindCSS made this possible. This platform isn't just about building apps; it's about turning dreams into profitable realities swiftly."

- Justin
Feb, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Support has been exceptional!

"AISaaSTemplate has been a great discovery for me. I am not an expert in Django development and I could easily install the template in my local environment and start working in one hour. It also comes with the necessary functionalities to get started quickly with my project. I would like to mention that the support has been exceptional, very fast and professional. Without any doubt a great success. "

5 out of 5 stars

First Sale in 72 Hours

"Launching my online service felt like a gamble until I discovered the Django SaaS & AI Boilerplate. To my astonishment, I secured my first sale within the first 3 days! This toolset, with its out-of-the-box payment integration and streamlined user authentication, not only simplified my launch process but also accelerated my journey to profitability. It proves that with the right resources, even small teams can achieve big milestones in record time."

- Lisandro
March, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Streamlining My Project Kickoff

"Launching my web app seemed like a daunting task, until I discovered the Django SaaS & AI Boilerplate. It felt like hitting a goldmine with its ready-to-use setup for essential services like Mailgun, Stripe, TailwindCSS and django-allauth. However, the real game-changer for me was the TailwindCSS integration - it empowered me to design a sleek, modern UI without the hassle. This boilerplate didn’t just cut down my development time by weeks; it laid down a robust, scalable foundation that’s prepared to grow with my project."

- Romero
Feb, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Choosing the Right Foundation for Success

"When I first ventured into developing my SaaS project, I faced a crossroads: go with the well-known django-cookiecutter or try something tailored to my needs. After comparing, the choice became clear. The Django SaaS & AI Boilerplate was a revelation. Unlike django-cookiecutter, which left me piecing together payment solutions and sifting through less-than-helpful documentation, this boilerplate was a breath of fresh air. With Stripe integration built-in from the start, it was evident that this tool was designed with monetization in mind. The focus on SaaS and payments spared me the headache of manual integrations and allowed me to concentrate on refining my product and business model. Furthermore, the clear, concise documentation and the addition of TailwindCSS for that modern UI look made my development experience not just easier, but enjoyable. It's more than a tool; it's a business accelerator that understands the importance of getting to market quickly and efficiently."

- Jacky
March, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Maximizing ROI with Smart Investment!

"When I stumbled upon the Django SaaS & AI Boilerplate, I was initially drawn to its comprehensive feature set, including seamless Stripe integration and a modern UI with TailwindCSS. But what truly sealed the deal for me was its incredible value. At just $199 for unlimited projects, the cost savings compared to other solutions, often priced 5-10 times higher, were undeniable. This one-time investment has not only significantly reduced my project costs but also allowed me to extend these savings to my clients. Leveraging this boilerplate for client projects has been a game-changer; not only does it boost my margin, but my clients are thrilled with the speed and quality of the development. They're particularly impressed with the fast-track to monetization thanks to the built-in payment integrations. It's not just a tool; it's a strategic asset that enhances my offerings and delights my clients, proving to be an investment that pays for itself many times over. Needless to say, it has saved me countless hours and headaches, and I can't recommend it enough!"

- Alex
March, 2024

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