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You are getting a zipped Django project based on the Django-Cookiecutter project. This package includes a pre-configured Django setup with best practices for structure, development, and deployment. To learn more, please visit Django-Cookiecutter's official website.
This tool is currently on the Release on 2024.02.22, the 2.6.0 version. We regularly update it to ensure the latest features and improvements are always available.
Having utilized Django-Cookiecutter for more than 20 projects, I frequently encountered the challenge of managing an ever-increasing amount of input during project initialization. Moreover, the need to modify previous inputs without the flexibility to do so via command line inspired me to develop this web-based Cookiecutter generator.
Absolutely, this tool is 100% free. We aim to provide the convenience of generating a django project directly from your browser, hoping to enhance your development experience.

The AI SaaS template is specifically designed for SaaS applications, incorporating essential tools like Stripe for payments, a comprehensive blog for content marketing, and an AI GPT template for AI functionalities. Unlike the traditional Bootstrap-based Django Cookiecutter, our template utilizes Tailwind CSS to offer a modern, clean, and visually appealing UI.

Both tools are designed to provide a solid starting point for Django projects, but the SaaS template is tailored for SaaS and AI applications to help you validate your idea and get to market faster.

Absolutely! We warmly welcome contributions and input from the community. Whether you have ideas, feedback, or bug reports, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or ping me on X (@theLeonWei). Your involvement helps us improve and grow.

Of course, if you're considering enhancing your startup project with our AI SaaS Template for Django Project, we'd be truly grateful for your support. Your purchase not only elevates your development experience but also directly contributes to the ongoing improvement and expansion of our offerings.

We're excited for you to see the difference our premium template can make!

Indeed, as this tool is designed for creating Django projects, possessing a solid understanding of both Django and Python is essential.

Furthermore, considering that you'll be developing a web application, having foundational skills in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS will significantly enhance your ability to customize and extend your project effectively.

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